Terms & Conditions


BagspaceOne is located in Denmark and opperates under Danish law.


Delivery conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from the internet shop BagspaceOne.


Terms of delivery
At BagspaceOne you get free shipping for orders over about €135 incl. danish VAT (exact amount depends on curency rates). For orders under this amount you only pay about €9 for shipping. If you placed your order with us before 13:30 (1.30 PM) on a normal working day, it will be shipped the same day.


If a desired item is out of stock you will be contacted by e-mail as soon as possible. Delivery time is usually 2-5 working days from dispatch of the order. However, this should only be considered as indicative, as there may be delays beyond our control. Please check that all your details are correct. An incorrect address will result in a returned package. This leads to new shipping costs that you as a buyer have to bear.


Passing of risk
The risk of goods purchased from BagspaceOne passes to you upon delivery. So, please check that everything is in order when you receive the package.



At BackspaceOne you can pay using the following cards:

  • Dankort and Visa/Dankort
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa, MasterCard and JBC


When you purchase goods from BagspaceOne, your payment information is secured through an encrypted SSL connection. This means that only NETS receiving your bank details and you thereby avoid unauthorized sharing of your card number or other important payment information. BagspaceOne does not have access to your card information except for the type of card you used for the transaction. Only the amount you authorized can be deducted - and only once.


Right of withdrawal

We hope that you do not regret your purchase, but if you do, you should be aware of the following:
If you regret purchasing an item, you are under the danish consumer protection laws intitled to a 14 day return policy. At BagspaceOne, we have chosen to extend the right of return, so that it is valid for 30 days. This is effective from the day you receive the item. The item must then be returned and received by BagspaceOne within 30 days. Please remember to calculate some days for shipment.
The product must when we receive the return, be new and unused. It is of course permissible to open the package and inspect the goods. It is in principle allowed to do the same as if you looked at the product in a random physical store. BagspaceOne will decide whether a returned item may be sold again as new, or whether any value reduction has occurred, and who sets the value of the reduction. A potential depreciation is deducted from the amount you receive in return.
When you want to return an item, please inform us by letter or by e-mail notice that you want to make use of your right of withdrawal. It is not enough to reject the goods or to return it without first having informed us. The item must be returned in undamaged original packaging, if such existed upon receiving the product. Responsibility for the return shipment and the costs thereof shall be paied by you the buyer. BagspaceOne will not accept items or packages with unpaid shipping.


Warranty & Return

If any faults or errors occurs during normal use of the product, refer to the Danish Sale of Goods Act called “Købeloven”. This set of consumer protection laws, follow the rules set out by the EU. Emerged wear, due to the use of the product are not covered by the warranty.


Warranty for two years

The Danish Sale of Goods Act provides the consumer with a two year warranty. The law allows you to choose between four different options if the item you bought, have a deficiency. There can not agree upon a shorter warranty period.
it is not possible that the warranty does not apply to all parts of the product. Your right to complain may cease before the warranty period has expired, if the product is not intended to last for two years or by natural use is worn out before the deadline.
If a product proves to be defective, the Sale of Goods Act lets you to choose from several solutions.


Your choices are:

  • You can have the defect remedied by repair
  • You can have the product replaced with at new product
  • You can have a price reduction
  • You can cancel the purchase


If you choose to get a refund or a reduction in price, the seller may, however, refuse your claim if he instead offers you to choose from that having the defect remedied, for example, by a repair or to have the item replaced. 


Seller may once more refuse

Once you have made your choice, for example, that you want an exchange, the seller may again refuse if it would be disproportionately expensive to replace compared to alleviating the problem, for example by repairing. The seller can always refuse to exchange the item for a new one if the product/model has been discontinued and is no longer available, or if it is close to being worn out.
The Seller may reject your choice if what he offers, such as the repair can be carried out within a reasonable time and without great inconvenience to you.


Remedy – what is that?

Remedy when a defect is removed from the product you purchased.
Remedy will very often be a repair if the TV for example does not work as it should, or the stitching on the coat is faulty. You may only require remediation if at all possible, and if it is not very expensive for the seller. A repair can be disproportionately expensive, eg if a minor error, and the item must be sent far away or be completely disassembled.


Replacement – what is that?

It's replacement when the product you have purchased has a fault or defect, and you take delivery of a new product.
The new product, you get delivered, must be similar to the one you bought. That is the same color, same model, same features - quite similar. The item must be brand new. You may only exchange if possible. Example, it is not possible to replace a used product or a display model, as there is no other product exactly the same. There may also be “One of” products, where it may be difficult or impossible to provide the same.

If the item has been discontinued and is no longer available, you can not demand replacement. If the item is out of production, but the seller just does not have more in stock, you may in some cases require the seller to procure the goods to your home, but it will depend on how expensive it is to procure the goods.


Price reduction – what is that?

It is a reduction in price, when you accept a fault in the product in exchange for a sum paid back to you.
The amount is difficult to quantify, but it must be "appropriate". If the defect does not impair the value - it may be that the product has a different blue color than you ordered - can you ask for a "reasonable" price reduction, which must be determined by an estimate.
A reduction in price will typically be considered if there is a minor defect, and therefore you are not entitled to a refund, and it is either not possible or prohibitively expensive to replace or otherwise remedy. It can also be considered by defects in goods that are badly worn, or if you prefer a reduction in price, rather than the product must be sent for repair.
The seller can reject your desire to get a price reduction if he instead offers you the choice between repair and replacement.


Cancellation – what is that?

It is cancellation of the purchase when you return the item back to the store and get your money back. The amount you are entitled to, is what you originally paid for the goods, and not what the item costs at the time the deal is terminated. You can only cancel the purchase and get your money back if you can drop the item back in the same condition as it was in the package when you received it. You can not count on getting your money back if the item is heavily worn. The seller can reject your wish to cancel the purchase if he instead offers you the choice between repair and replacement.
You may request to cancel the purchase if it is not possible either to eliminate or to replace, or if the seller has tried to remedy or replace several times without success. However, you can not request to cancel the purchase and get your money back if there is an insignificant deficiency.


Choise of exchange or repair

If the item you have purchased has a defect, and you choose to get a new product, the seller must decide whether he simply will give you another, or whether he will reject your claim and request to be allowed to repair. He will be entitled to this in a number of cases, but he must evaluate the two options. If you choose to have the defect remedied, for example, by a repair, the seller may, in some cases reject by offering you to exchange for a new product.


Warranty after two years

Two years after delivery your warranty expires. There may be some opportunities to continue to appeal, but you will need to study the legislature in order to decide it this applies to your case.


If you wish to return an item that meets the requirements for such, please informs us before you send the item to the address at the bottom of the page, with a copy of your invoice attached. Once we receive the returned item, and accepted it, credited the purchase amount to the credit card.



All prices in BagspaceOne include VAT (25%). Prices are subject to availability, obsolete items, misprints and tax changes. BagspaceOne takes no responsibility for any damage that our sold products may cause during use.


When for any reason you return a product to us, please forward to:


Industrisvinget 7

4683 Rønnede